Sexing the Body: Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality

           “If history helped prove that sexuality was a social construction, it could also show how we had arrived at our present arrangements…” pg. 13 Anne Fausto Sterling, Sexing the body: Gender Politics and the construction of Sexuality.

            I chose this quote because I think it is the most important sentence written in this excerpt considering that the entire theme was focused on gender, sex, and sexuality that was formed through history and evolved during time through different era’s.

            This is tricky to understand because to me I don’t feel like I have to label myself as anything when I know most people want a label. Most would label me Female and heterosexual, which may be true, but I tend not to pay attention. The way I think of sex is different than gender. There are clearly two types of sexes: male and female, speaking in biological terms. Intersex is both sexes but is typically characterized by what is on the inside rather the genitalia on the outside, but there are so many different Genders that I cannot even name them all. I think only of biological science when determining Sex, mainly by chromosomes.

           However, reading about Maria Patino really challenged that thought to make me wonder if she even has a specific Sex? Thinking about it I concluded that because her body did not recognize testosterone but did recognize estrogen, I would say that she is female even though she has a Y chromosome. But it is all so biased as to how we think of sex and Gender due to the long histories and the Science that has been done to prove such theories.

            I do believe that people are born with how they are going to feel sexual attraction and what Gender they choose to fulfill or even to not express gender. Reading about ancient Greek times homosexuality I would think that this is all constructed due to people acquiring different tastes and wanting a specific society considering homosexuality was something that was negatively viewed in pretty recent and present time. Especially thinking about Gender roles with masculinity and Femininity being so important in recent past but in the early years of mankind probably did not matter so much.

            I think that when the human brain realized reproductive sex was the way to expand mankind was the event that caused the evolution of societal construction for gender and sex, at least I read something close to that in the article.

           As forMonique Wittig, she explains that getting rid of the idea of sexes would rid of heterosexuality completely and would basically stop society from characterizing everything. However, I don’t think this is a probable way to look at it since women and men are very different from each other genetically. I don’t think that oppression against women will stop by solving it with lesbianism but rather recognizing everyone as equal and being aware of all genders and different combinations of sexes as being normal.

            Why do humans take something so natural as sexes and turn it into something that causes oppression? We can’t survive without both so why is one favored over the other?

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