Sydney Heisler

About Sydney Heisler

Hey guys, my name is Sydney Heisler and welcome to my Blog!

Honestly, I am not sure what I will be posting about quite yet but the content on this website will likely relate to things that I find interesting or that i am passionate about.

A little about myself…

I am 21 years old (22 on June 20th) and I am a senior at Drake University about to graduate with a B.A. in biology. I grew up in Minnesota in a small river-town called Hastings. Hastings has been home for my entire life, its where my entire family and hometown friends live so its nice to have somewhere to go to feel at home.

Sydney Heisler

I graduated from Hastings High School in 2015 and was very active with music programs such as Orchestra, Choir, and Show choir. Music used to be something I would use to deal with stress but it is a passion that I have sadly fallen out of love with.

Whenever I go home to MN I like to spend time with my parents, Ken and Heidi, my two sisters, Lauren(30) and Isabella(16), and my cousin Abby(16). My best friend Vanessa is also someone I look forward to seeing whenever I go home and now I will see her even more because she is actually moving into my parent’s home into my old bedroom. Yay! Forever sleepovers!!

Usually when i leave to come back to Des Moines you can easily find probably 100 photos of either Gus or Letty. Gus is a 20lb 13 year old cat that has been in my family since I was about 8 years old, however, Letty is quite new to the family. Letty is a long-haired german shepherd and will be 2 years old on July 29th. They are both so loving and kind and are true family members.

So I think i covered a good chunk of my home life let me dip into my life as a college student!

I am very fortunate to have made the group of friends that I did back in freshman year, shoutout to Stalnaker Hall. My friends are very ambitious and supportive human beings. They encourage me to be the best person I can be but are also very welcoming and embrace me for who I am. We are all science majors, well for the most part, so we have taken many classes all together and had many laughs and cries — i don’t think i would be graduating this spring if it wasn’t for my friend group.

Once I graduate, I will be studying in preparation for the DAT exam so that i can eventually apply to Dental schools. I have wanted to be a dentist since I was a sophomore in high school and it is getting very real and stressful leading up to this next coming year but I am also very excited to be closer to Dental School!

During my free time I love to play Catan with friends — super nerdy I know. On the weekends you can most definitely find me out and about on Court Avenue in downtown Des Moines with friends. I also love a good photo opportunity and posting pictures on Instagram. In the summer time I enjoy finding a pool to lay out at and also enjoy creating henna artwork on my friends as a little hobby I do.

So yeah! I will be updating my Blog very soon with something so stay tuned!